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AnnoMetta (in 9×16 ratio, entropy changes hourly)

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I’ve never been one to conform, and I’ve never limited myself to one creative medium: I write, I shoot (photographs/video), I code, and I make.

To focus my work, I’ve developed frameworks for my creativity.


Creative Frameworks:


I also experiment and make work outside of these frameworks. All individual projects can be explored through my project gallery and project timeline.


Featured Project:


Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind

Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind (AKA “Thread”) is a meditative plotter-performance art project, where each experience is uniquely recorded using specific pen colors on either dark or light paper.

As the fourth project in the Zenerative series of Zen-inspired generative art, it explores the value of time and the interplay between efficiency, order, and aesthetics.

The default live-code outputs are skeuomorphic, each drawn with 500,000 to 1,000,000 circles, while the default live-plot modes use a few thousand simplified lines. Using URL parameters, these live modes can be displayed digitally or plotted. Each token has one default output and includes a total of eight canonical versions.

Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind (testnet token)

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