FOCUS #0. This on-chain generative NFT project, published on, is an exploration of, and meditation on, the act of directed attention, the fixture of concentration, the state permitting clarity, and the mathematical point of convergence.


ARTBLOCKS – Factory projects Ensō (#34, 1/1/1000) and FOCUS (#181, 1/1/1000)

MAKERSPLACE – Experimental Animation / Video (1/1s)

PHO-DENZA – A 100% for charity experiment (1/3s on custom OBJKT contract)

ENSŌ – Artblocks project #34 (1/1/1000s)

FOCUS – Artblocks project #181 (1/1/1000s)

CRYSTALLIZED ILLUSIONS – 3 sets of 33 1/1s (ERC-1155s on Opensea shared contract & decentralized on Arweave)

MEDITATIVE MINTS – 7 Yin Mandalas (1/1s decentralized on Arweave)

ENSŌ WATER PAINTINGS – 100 gifts sent to collectors (1/1s decentralized on Arweave)

AZURINE ART (~NSFW) – Experimental set of 95 NFTs (1/7s, ERC-1155 custom contract)

Galleries of my art:


Enso Water Paintings


Crystallized Illusions

Yin Mandalas


Galleries of my collections:

Vaultor (wip)

Art Blocks Curated, Year 0

Matto Loves Art Blocks!


All galleries are liked to my profile: @matto

Zenerative One – Now showing collector-submitted sets!

Neda Falls Gallery – Currently showing Azurine Art pieces from 2020.

Matto Tower – Experimental Animation / Video Gallery – WIP

Peristylium – Sculpture garden – WIP

M Theatre – A gathering spot and theatre – WIP

FREESTYLE HAIKU – 1250 (and counting) Spiritual Poems

INFINITE VAMPIRE – Action/Adventure Paranormal Mashup (4 Novels, 1 Novella)

FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC – Serial Apocalyptic Fantasy (WIP)