Matto – Shinkai

Striving Artist and Buddhist ‘Monk’

(Shaolin Ch’an ~ Soto Zen)

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A 20 Year Road to Tomorrow’s Journey

It was in 2001 when I was studying applied sciences, photography, and experimental filmmaking that I first started using automation in my artistic practice. At that time, I was using batch scripting tools and in-application scripts to process imagery. I was hacking...

Zen Art Aesthetic

There are some common elements in Zen art that I find in my own work: attempting to achieve or express more through less, for example, or the exploration of artificial spatial constructs. I think the core of these aesthetics is an interplay between the experienced...

Ensō, Zen, and Me

I did not publish Ensō on a whim, and I reflected on the impacts of publishing it long before I wrote a single line of code. I'd like to share why I ultimately decided to go ahead with creating it (and publishing it), but before I do, I'd like to express my sincere...

Ensō and the start of a monumental project

I launched a Zen-inspired generative cryptoart project called Ensō last month (ensō is a Zen symbol), and I need to spread the word about the project! The generative script lives on Ethereum and is 'powered by a smart contract.' Whenever someone purchases one from the...

I’m Not Fast

I'm a much faster thinker than doer. Lots of times, I feel like I can't keep up with my thoughts. I forget the exact metaphor Buddhists use for a wild mind, but it's something involving a large and dangerous mammal. They might refer to it as a raging, wild elephant or...


I was born in 1981, and recently, I started to carry around a coin: a Morgan Silver Dollar, from 1881. It was made 100 years before I was born. It's been held by people I've never met, who are long dead. It's been passed from father to son (possibly), it's been...

Success and Satisfaction

It during the last couple months I've been hustling like crazy. While I usually do take a sort of weekend, I've been putting in upwards of 12 to 16 hours a day during the week and a couple hours each day on the weekend. Thinking about why I'm putting forth so much...

Infinite Vampire

I released my first series of novels in 2017 a series called "infinite vampire". I invested a lot of money, time, and effort into the book's creation. I had high hopes for how sales would perform, and delusions of how I would be a breakout novelist. Unfortunately my...

Freestyle Haiku

Back in 2010, I went through an extraordinarily painful event. My high school sweetheart and I, who had gotten married in 2003, split up and got a divorce. In the beginning of that painful process, my emotions were difficult to understand and control, and they had a...

My Author Platform 2.0

I recently decided to rebuild my website and platform. I had been using a simple WordPress site and had been paying a significant monthly fee for an email list management / bulk sending provider. I have a hosting plan and I can install WordPress on my sites, so...

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