Creative Framework


Experimental, collaborative EVM generative art

100x10x1 is a conceptual framework and platform to create works in that are each made of 100 layer tokens (each consisting of 10 layers), together forming 1 composite (100x10x1). The first project in this framework, is Composition A, (full title 100x10x1 Composition A or 100x10x1-A for short). It is inspired by abstract expressionism, and it uses a palette based on sunsets in Durham, NC where I and my family live.

Technically, the hardest parts were ensuring that the entire project from art generation to collector interactions were handled by the EVM. All assets are generated on-chain, and the project is dynamic/evolving based on actions performed by the community of token owners – on chain and interacting with the token-controlling contract. This framework creates collaborative art pieces, where in each project, every token owner can put their mark on the collective artwork, while always retaining their own unique mint.

In the first project, Composition A, I explore simple random ‘marks’ like small ellipses resembling drips, simple and complex curves, and simple and complex lines. Each mark is completely random, but always using a deterministic subpalette.

100x10x1-A is (hopefully) launching in Summer ’24, to a select group of collectors.

100x10x1 projects are deployed by my developer account dev.monkmatto.eth (0xF8d9056db2C2189155bc25A30269dc5dDeD15d46)

100x10x1 Composition A

Goerli testnet token – a single state of the dynamic artwork

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