Creative Framework


CC0, EVM generative, dynamic, evolving PFP+

BLONKS was my first 100% solidity and SVG project, where a random hash generated at mint plus the current owning account’s address together seed the contract code to generate an image, on the fly, with no dependencies. 4,444 tokens were minted, raising 10k for me and 10k for charity – but that’s just the beginning of the story.

I wrote the scripts to allow upgrades and add ons (not by proxy). This has allowed me to execute the Shapeshifter upgrade earlier this year. Now, BLONKS tokens, while they were dynamic before, now can evolve. Owners can switch which code to execute when rendering BLONKS, and I can add new code variants whenever I like. These new ‘Shapeshifter States’ are selectable by the owner, always at no cost, but in limited quantities. Here again you can see my desire to add value to- and not be extractive to my collectors.

BLONKS is still awaiting a final upgrade (hopefully coming within the month), but currently includes 4 image renderers (Shapeshifter states):

    1. BLONKS
    2. DarkBLONKS
    3. PepeBLONKS
    4. BLOOPS

and more are in the works!

My vision for BLONKS is for them to be the generative art connoisseurs PFP, and to make that a reality, I will continue to add new features and EVM renderers as my SVG skills improve.

BLONKS are deployed by my developer account dev.monkmatto.eth (0xF8d9056db2C2189155bc25A30269dc5dDeD15d46)