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Expansive and evolving world of interactive tokens

Chainlife is an on-chain JavaScript project, but it has a major distinction: it’s dynamic, evolving, cooperative, AND it’s not just one generative script. It’s a collection of generative scripts, some apply to the individual tokens, while others are used in ways to visualize all the tokens, dynamically as they continually evolve and change.

From launch, the project included multiple scripts and methods for owners to interact both with their token and with other owners’ tokens, and the project allows me to add new scripts over time, as I wish. The default script runs a cellular automata based on the owner’s address and the prior owner’s address. Also, each token includes a ‘level’ aspect that changes with on-chain activity, and each level of the Chainlife world can be played as a cellular automata simulation. Additionally, a different kind of script, using webGL is on-chain and in conjunction with a smart contract function, allows token owners to switch the rendering program their token uses, from the default cellular automata script to one that generates a dynamic and evolving 3D environment.

To say there’s a lot going on there is an understatement. I’ve since added a new generative script that creates a large and highly detailed ‘history’ painting. Current plans include 2 other very specific scripts, but they are on hold while I develop other projects.

The motivation behind chainlife is to create a dynamic collection that invites collaboration between token owners. The collection follows themes of “life” and of the environment. Ultimately, I hope to incorporate an IRL reforestation project into the chainlife project, and link plots or individual trees to each token. We’ll see – that’s a pretty crazy idea in the current crypto-world, tbh.

Chainlife is deployed by my developer account dev.monkmatto.eth (0xF8d9056db2C2189155bc25A30269dc5dDeD15d46)





Environmental Responsibility

As an individual, I purchase 1MW of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) every month from to more than offset my regular crypto activities. For Chainlife, because the project encourages transactions, I’ve offset 40,000 lbs of CO2 (this is in addition to the offsets and actions by that Azure – where Substratum hosts its API – because Azure is Carbon negative).

Chainlife is carbon negative. You can be assured that these offsets does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and in fact, is contributing to reducing climate change.

40,000 pounds of CO2 offsets for Chainlife