Creative Framework


Poetry project, an AI project, and more

Freestyle Haiku” is my poetry blog ( that I’ve kept for over ten years. Currently, I’ve published more than 1250 poems there. I hope to keep writing these spiritual and haiku-like poems for as long as I live, and publishing them for free on my blog…

Freestyle H-ai-ku” is an AI-enhanced exploration of my Freestyle Haiku poetry. This project utilizes AI as a collective unconscious that not only intensifies the expressiveness of my poetry but also unveils hidden truths and newfound meanings within my words. Each poem is individually stored in the smart contract, while image media, AI-generated poem interpretations, and attributes metadata is stored on Arweave. The resulting work is more than a poem or a visual, it is also a vehicle for the introspection of the human condition through the lens of early Artificial Intelligence systems.

This is a creative framework for a few reasons. First, it’s not a one-time mint, but a rolling mint allowing me and the AI tech to evolve. The first chapter of poems will all use the same tools and versions, but later chapters may adopt different tools, models, or techniques. With over a thousand poems to mint in this contract, I have plenty of room to explore over time.

Also, because this project puts the poetry on-chain in a composable format (as opposed to merely stored like a backup), other apps and smart contracts I launch can use these poems. So, this Freestyle H-ai-ku collection becomes an integral part to other projects utilizing my poetry.

Due to the amount of data stored with each token’s mint, the gas cost is significant. I’m currently listing each token at 2-3x that amount. The ‘meta’ right now is not prioritizing this kind of work or this kind of release method, but over time I’m confident that I can find an audience who wants to participate in the project by owning the tokens.

This project is created by my general purpose creator account artist.monkmatto.eth (0xA6a4Fe416F8Bf46bc3bCA068aC8b1fC4DF760653)

Candles Flicker

Drip, Drip

Weights Tossed

Deeper Ruts