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Light-hearted handcrafted designs, photographed

LIGHTS is a project where all images are made by hand on 65×65 pin light-brite devices. There is a nostalgia in using these devices, and a freedom for me as an artist. I don’t have to use a computer for anything – I just play with colors and make a design.

The first mint in the collection was for ‘Folded Hands’, a design based on the folded hands or pray emoji, which I see as a symbol of gratitude, appreciation, and humility. Over 3000 editions were minted at a very low cost. Each new token in the contract is inexpensive to create, and free for collectors to mint (by burning Folded Hands tokens). This low barrier for creating and collecting is important to me (a theme that will come up again…)

Tokens minted to far in this collection are:

    1. Folded Hands
    2. Paris
    3. NDS 3 (Nude Descending a Staircase)

and many more to come.

LIGHTS is an erc-1155 large edition burn-to-mint collection, with assets on the decentralized storage network Arweave. Producing an image takes significant time, but the process is fun and I’m happy to do this for my prior collectors.

This project is created by my general purpose creator account artist.monkmatto.eth (0xA6a4Fe416F8Bf46bc3bCA068aC8b1fC4DF760653)

Folded Hands