Creative Framework

Matto’s Fine Art (MFA)

Fine art on Bitcoin and Ethereum of various kinds



Besides making generative art, I’ve also made various unique artworks and scultpures, award-winning films, and photography series. I created this framework to allow various projects to be created within it, including 1/1 on-chain gen-art, IRL sculptures, still images, films, and other experimental artworks.



Ethereum projects within this framework are created by my general purpose creator account, artist.monkmatto.eth (0xA6a4Fe416F8Bf46bc3bCA068aC8b1fC4DF760653). So far, works within this framework include some early NFT projects (Crystallized Illusions), a custom ‘MFA’ contract that will allow me to mint a great variety of work, and Metta, launched on

Still image of Metta #0



I’m exploring ordinals and generative projects on Bitcoin, starting with Strange <Block> Buddha, which offers deterministic and unique variations of the Buddhabrot with each new Bitcoin block. The project can be viewed at or on the ordinals website¬†as inscription¬†63317140. My bitcoin creator account is bc1pqec2lcmakr4zu42pndpz99gpks0a3r0gn9agn62rjk4pj89g4uaqjqe623, but it also holds other collections.

A previous output of Strange <Block> Buddha