Creative Framework

Matto’s Fine Art (MFA)

Fine art on a custom contract allowing various project types and experimental features

Besides making generative art, I’ve also made award-winning films and photography series. Very little of my photography work has been minted – only some early experiments of old work on Rarible, and some free claim photos of flowers on a manifold contract. I wanted to create a contract that could allow various projects to be released on it though, from on-chain gen-art, to decentralized-storage still images or films, or EVM generated.

I launched a custom contract that will allow me to mint this great variety of work, and customized my API to properly show these projects. The first mint on the contract is AnnoMetta, a web-art piece that creates infinite art, deterministically, changing every hour of every day.

Projects I plan to release here include some photography projects, some experimental animation/film work, and some individual SVG paintings.

This project is created by my general purpose creator account artist.monkmatto.eth (0xA6a4Fe416F8Bf46bc3bCA068aC8b1fC4DF760653)

AnnoMetta (token #1)

(Currently only AnnoMetta is minted – API is still a work in progress)