Creative Framework

Zenerative art

Matto’s Zen-Inspired* Generative Art.

*Zen has a rich history and variety of influences and is part of a beautiful tapestry of Eastern spiritual traditions. Besides Zen / Ch’an, Tantra and Taoism are other practices that are integral to my spiritual life and work.

Zenerative is one of my most well-known frameworks. The projects within this framework are rooted in Zen (and Ch’an) Buddhism, which plays such an important role in my life that it is inextricable from my creative practice. Sharing this with others is important to me, both to express the beauty I see and to spread Buddhist ideas and aesthetics.

The core projects in this framework include:

    1. Ensō
    2. FOCUS
    3. Scratch
    4. Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind
    5. Working Title Code: “VV” (Coming eventually!)

and hopefully many more to follow!

 These core ‘Zenerative’ projects all utilize on-chain javascript, while additional projects that are associated with these projects or inspired by them vary from EVM generative SVGs, to personally animated video clips, to generative plotter art, and more.

All Zenerative projects are created by the same Ethereum account Zenerative.eth (0x983f10B69c6C8d72539750786911359619DF313d)

Core Zenerative Projects





Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind

Additional Zenerative Projects

Enso Water Paintings



4i: ???

Environmental Responsibility

As an individual, I purchase 1MW of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) every month from to more than ensure my regular crypto activities are powered by renewable resources (and in the process, encourage renewable energy production). For every Zenerative project, I also buy RECs to more than ensure that the project is similarly being environmentally beneficial (this is in addition to the carbon offsets that secures for the platform).

Zenerative projects are carbon negative. You can be assured that the purchase of RECs does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and in fact, is contributing to reducing climate change.

12 MWH of RECs were purchased for Ensō.

12 MWH of RECs were purchased for FOCUS.

10 MWH of RECs were purchased for Scratch.

12 MWH of RECs were purchased for “Thread.”