Infinite Vampire

Nov 29, 2020 | All Entries, Infinite Vampire, On Writing

I released my first series of novels in 2017 a series called “infinite vampire”. I invested a lot of money, time, and effort into the book’s creation. I had high hopes for how sales would perform, and delusions of how I would be a breakout novelist. Unfortunately my books were not immediately turned into movies, and the interactive website I built did not gain hundreds of thousands of hits by excited readers.

The series is for novels and one prequel novella, but I have much more planned it I’ve started outlining a new novella that will take place about halfway through the series, between books 2 and three, and I’ve also written an origin story graphic novel. I’ve actually detailed about five different graphic novels, but in any case, I’ve written the first one. Oh, I’m also planning a SQL set of novels that take place a few years after the first series closes.

At the very least, it was a lot of fun to write, even if it was pain in the ass. I learned tons through the process, made plenty of mistakes, and honed my skill and work ethic. I don’t feel like I’m giving up on the series when I don’t work on it, because I know that I someday will release new material in the world. Most the time though, I just wish that I had the time or energy to be working on it, so that I could release new material sooner.

As it stands, it’s a wonderful first series from a newbie author, and I’m very proud of the work and craftsmanship that I put into it.