Generative Art


4,444 weird, 100% on-chain generative vector-graphic illustrations.

This is BLONK #0 – image rendered by the BLONKS smart contract.

4,444 BLONKS will exist – minting at


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What are BLONKS?

BLONKS is a collection of 4,444 completely on-chain vector-graphic illustrations with personality and with unique design mechanics. BLONKS token images are deterministic and change when transferred between wallets, they’re licensed CC0, and they live on Ethereum.


When, where, why, who, and how much?

The smart contracts that control BLONKS were deployed on Ethereum at the end of May, 2022 by Matto, an artist and creative-coder. Initially started as a way to help reacquaint himself with Solidity after not using it for a few years, BLONKS quickly blossomed into a colorful life of its own. After airdrops to some prior collectors, friends, and family, 4,111 BLONKS will be available publicly at a mint price of 0.0420 Eth on May 31 (a Tuesday) at 4:44:44 pm EDT (20:44:44 UTC).


What’s so special about BLONKS?

    1. They’re 100% on-chain with no external dependencies. Image, metadata, and preview functions are all on-chain and rendered live in any web-browser – no javascript or external libraries required.
    2. The SVG vector-graphic illustrations are generative (not procedural), meaning that they’re not built by merely assembling predefined layers. This generative quality adds incredible variability into the BLONKS collection and significant personality to each NFT.
    3. The base image’s design is based on the owner’s wallet address, so BLONKS change whenever they’re bought/sold/transferred between wallets. This means that any BLONK – and the collection of BLONKS – can change and evolve.
    4. BLONKS are family friendly. They’re colorful and fun, they don’t show tobacco products/weed or alcohol, and they’d be rated G by any NFT rating system.
    5. BLONKS NFTs are Licensed CC0 to encourage creative use, they have low secondary creator fees of 3%, and half of the proceeds generated at mint are transparently donated to charity.