Infinite Vampire I


Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Zombies, Apocalypse, Vampires, Coming of Age

Stay living in secret—in peace—or help the humans with their “zombie problem” and risk having the life you’ve built torn to pieces? One vampire family faces such a dilemma, and whether they like it or not, they’re about to have the biggest adventure of their lives.

Eddy, a teenage vampire, thinks that his life is hard. Dealing with high school, girls, and that whole “daylight cooks your ass” issue, asks a lot of him… Believe it or not, when the zombie apocalypse comes to town, things get worse. He wants to help his friends, but they don’t know his secret—his whole family’s secret. He can’t tell anyone, but with his enhanced abilities, he’d be an ace in the hole.

His aspirations for life are much higher than merely surviving high school, but those goals might need to take a back seat. His dream to one day become a Knight of the Order is lofty, but it’s achievable—if only his renowned parents would cooperate.

This weekend, he makes a decision, and while everything in his world changes, he sets his family on a path to change the entire world.