deFOCUSed is a 100% on-chain project closely associated with Matto’s Art Blocks ‘FOCUS’ project. The smart contract address is: 0xFa042F7214e17d6104272A359FE231c2A155cd00

This is a still frame from deFOCUSed #0

(they’re live, animated SVGs in their native form)


The deFOCUSed algorithm produces tokens that correspond to FOCUS tokens. By using the same random hash as the FOCUS script as well as a new random hash that is generated when a deFOCUSed token is created, some traits match the corresponding FOCUS token, while others are specific to the moment a FOCUS owner deFOCUSes their FOCUS. The project is 100% on-chain, relying only on smart contracts to generate the token data, and the assets are rendered live in your browser into an animated SVG image.



deFOCUSed #0

FOCUS #115

deFOCUSed #115

FOCUS #132

deFOCUSed #132


How much?

FREE. Just pay gas (less than $2 at 10 GWEI). Secondary royalties are set to 7.5%.

How on-chain is it?

Entirely. deFOCUSed tokens are rendered by the smart contracts. They require no server, and there is no server to ‘help.’

HOW does my deFOCUSed token look like my FOCUS token?!?!

The deFOCUSed smart contract talks to Art Blocks’ contract, and¬†we do a little dance. I created this project to explore the composability of my Art Blocks projects, and thanks to smart contracts being able to talk to other smart contracts, this can be done on-chain.

How do I know if a FOCUS token has claimed its deFOCUSed token?

Check the claim site, Etherscan, or any marketplace: FOCUS #x => deFOCUSed #x

Where do I claim? or from the smart contract.