Laser-lit nudes explore the intersection of light, form, and technology while challenging traditional notions of beauty and perception.

Delineation 1

Project Description

In “Delineation,” specialty lasers are used as the primary illumination, casting perfectly straight lines across the natural form of the body. This unconventional lighting technique, with its stark, geometric lines, asks viewers to engage with the subject in new and provocative ways. The interplay between the bright curves cast by the harsh laser, the diffused lighting of the nearby body, and the deep environmental shadows challenges traditional representations of the body, beauty, and sensuality. By partially illuminating the body with this rigid, digital technology, the project explores how modern technology influences identity, boundaries, and freedom.


Technical Notes


Delineation is an ongoing series of digital photographs that have undergone minimal post-processing. They are created in studio with a 45 megapixel, mirrorless, full-frame SLR camera and custom laser equipment.

Editioned Prints

Delineation artworks are numbered and editioned (up to 10 editions per piece). Prints are made at 16 inches by 24 inches or 20 inches by 20 inches with Canon Pro archival inks on Canon Pro Lustre archival papers. Certificate of Authenticity is included with all prints.

Artworks and their available editions are shown below.

Delineation 1

10/10 print editions are available.

1/1 NFT is available (mainnet Ethereum ERC-721).



Delineation 2

?/? print editions are available.

1/1 NFT is available (mainnet Ethereum ERC-721).

Archival Prints

Signed and editioned prints of Delineation series images (10 editions per artwork) are available for purchase, either framed or rolled. Prints are 16 inches x 24 inches or 20 inches x 20 inches (depending on aspect ratio). Photographic prints are executed on Canon Pro Photo Lustre paper, and if framed, only UV-blocking, anti glare glazings and acid free materials are used. Domestic USA shipping is included.

Pricing is as follows:

    • Signed, archival quality print edition, $1,000.
    • Signed, archival quality print edition, framed, $1,500.