reward airdrop

Ensō Water Paintings

100 Ensō Water Paintings were created to reward lucky buyers of my Art Blocks project Ensō.

Dice was rolled and recorded, paintings were made with water, video recorded each painting’s creation and evaporation.

This is Ensō Water Painting #3. It was airdropped to the randomly-selected Ensō holder’s address on July 22nd, 2021.

The Project

I rolled a set of dice 100 times to determine each painting’s features and to determine which Art Blocks Ensō mint numbers should receive a free token airdropped to their wallet. For the first 10 (Ensō mints 0-9), I rolled a 7, and Ensō #7 is a winner. For the next ten mints (10-19) I rolled a 5, so Ensō 15 is the winner. Get it?

To ensure that a person would receive one, they’d have to buy 10 Ensōs in a row starting at #xx0 (ex 0-9 or 540-549 or 870-879). Because of that, I value each of these at a minimum of 1.08 Eth!

Note: Because I’m doing this as a reward, bonus, and thank you; I will send them out as time and gas enable.

Technical info: metadata & files on Arweave.

The official collection-in-progress can be seen here.

This is the first Zenerative NFT airdrop; a reward for lucky Ensō owners, and it was all done manually.