Zenerative #0


Ensō is a generative NFT project that launched on Art Blocks.

This is a rendering of Ensō #0. It is the first token minted by the Ensō program on the Ethereum mainnet.

The Project

In Zen, ensō is a circular symbol that represents elegance and enlightenment. It is typically painted by hand in an uninhibited way, allowing for unexpected and beautiful results.

This algorithm mimics the practice of painting an ensō in ink by utilizing p5.js. Each generated image uses values from a unique transaction hash provided by the platform (artblocks.io) to determine paper, brush, ink, the quantity of ink held by each bristle, how quickly the ink flows, and more—all with the goal of creating a simple yet serendipitous painting.

The source code is on-chain, on mainnet Ethereum. It is over 200 lines long and 5.75 Kilobytes of data, which took .75 Eth in gas to deploy (don’t worry, I offset the environemtal impact). Each NFT image can be rendered directly in the browser, utilizing only standardized JavaScript and the official JavaScript library from the Processing foundation. Ensō images are fully deterministic and resolution-agnostic.

View all 1,000 NFTs at Artblocks.io or Opensea.io.

A lot is planned for this project. For more information, please visit its website, https://zenerative.com/enso.