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Custom ERC-1155 token/contract allowing infinite art, cycling each hour.

Gif animation of the first 6 GMer coffee-paintings.

PoisonFemme, coffee-artist  🤝  Matto, contract-artist.


Custom coffee art by PoisonFemme meets an experimental NFT contract by Matto. Each GMer artwork is a different coffee-painting made by PoisonFemme’s hand.

Every hour, the NFT contract returns a different artwork for the token (6 GMers at launch – as seen in the gif). PoisonFemme can add more GMers at any time, and they’ll get added to the mix, making the GMer NFT able to evolve over time. Licensed CC0, powered by Base, and launched for onchainsummer ’24, nothing says GM like a GMer!

Tokenomics: 5 GMers were airdropped to +7k addresses that held Mfers or BLONKS. Minting is open June 1 – August 31, priced at 0.0001 Eth per token. (To calculate the fiat cost to mint a token, divide the current Eth price by 10,000.)

GMer Gallery

This NFT is unique: the contract cycles through image and metadata assets every hour. PoisonFemme can add additional GMer paintings at any time, and they’ll get added to the mix. Here’s the 6 coffee-arts (so far). Oh, and please right-click-save, these are CC0!

GMer Art #0
GMer Art #1
    GMer Art #2
      GMer Art #3
        GMer Art #4
          GMer Art #5