Digital Composite Collection

Yin Mandala Series

This series is inspired by the duality of Yin and Yang: the opposing but complementary forces, aspects, and energies present in the world.

The Project

Each 30,000 pixels x 30,000 pixels image is created from a single, original photograph that resonated with the artist as a representative of Yin energies, in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet.

Yin (which referred to the shaded side of a mountain while yang referred to the sunny side) has many associated associations and qualities: even numbers, receptive, relaxed, earth, “femaleness”, diffused, darkness, moon, silent, autumn and winter, valley and stream, water, absorption, soft, slow, blood and muscle, downward, broken lines, the color orange, and the tiger.

The Yin Mandala series is part of Matto’s ‘Meditative Mints’ ERC-721 collection, with metadata, files, and full-resolution images permanently hosted on Arweave.

The official collection can be seen here.

This project is inspired by Taoist concepts and philosophies. You can learn more about Taoism at Wikipedia.