Mythics of the multichain

64 onchain tokens (on many chains)…

The “Template/Code” Art

Summary: Experimental ERC-721 🤝 ERC-20 Contracts


Mythics of the Multichain is an experimental PFP collection destined to be deployed on every major blockchain and layer. On compatible chains, each Mythic PFP accrues Mythic Points between transfers, and royalties from Mythic sales are sent to the Mythic Treasury contract. These points can be converted into Mythic Treasure ($MYTH) on the Mythic Treasury contract. $MYTH can be HODLed or burnt in exchange for a portion of the pooled royalties.

Note: these are not “ERC-404” tokens. You cannot shard an NFT into fungibles or vice versa. The ERC-721 tokens on each chain are static assets.

Inspiration / Motivation


I had this wild idea: make a fantasy world where the characters exist in multiple realms/realities where different stories could take place (I am a novel-writer, icymi!). Fast forward, we’re now living in a mutlichain crypto world, with NFTs mintable on smart chains and…other chains (like Bitcoin), and token <–> points/coin interactions are growing in popularity. (Who knows, maybe my CoinToken contract implementation inspired some aspects of ‘erc-404’ tokens!)

Mythics of the Multichain was born to explore ideas of one collection that spans chains and communities, that creates a small set of identifiable assets/characters, but that can be collected by more than one person on the various chains. This creates both an increase in project exposure and increase in project/asset recognition: everyone will know who Slash the Lightbringer is!

Points were inspired by dynamic token possibilities and my hobby of game design. Mythic Points on the Mythic token contract create a simple game for token owners: claim points before transferring/selling tokens or they’re lost. I wanted to add a reason to play this game, so I created the Mythic Treasury contract. There, points are converted into a fungible token, $MYTH. I wanted to add a reason to do this (it costs gas), so I send all token royalties to the Mythic Treasury contract and created a simple and novel way for the engaged community to share in the royalties (NFA, haha).

Besides offering collectors this…let’s call it ‘bonus’ for their engagement (NFA!), it has an additional effect: it encourages royalty payments on secondary sales in a non-arbitrary and decentralized way! For example, suppose Mary really wants to collect a Mythic NFT. She can see what’s available in her price range on secondary markets, and she has an incentive to buy from someone paying royalties. The more royalties sent to the Mythic Treasury contract, potentially the more she could claim as a token owner. It also reinforces the meta of the project, enhancing it for other participants past and future. So, given two tokens at a similar price, she will prefer the one that pays royalties into the ecosystem she’s trying to enter. This fact also encourages token sellers to pay royalties, because their listings stay competitive with this added meta.

In a world where royalties were driven to zero, where engagement for a crypto project is a challenge, and where games and interation is becoming more desirable, Mythics might be a great, experimental step forward!

Therefor, I – as a fiction writer, fantasy lover, crypto artist, contract dev, and ecosystem participant – developed Mythics of the Multichain as an interesting experiment. To be completely honest however, there is another reason why I’m launching this project: T-Shirts! I love custom T’s and cannot wait to rock these characters on ’em! 🙂

Mythics Art

The artwork for each chain is generated by combining the same art code, a unique color associated with the chain, and a blend mode. The art code, the individual token names, and the tokenIds are consistent across chains and 100% onchain.

The first token of each collection, “Slash the Lightbringer” will be airdropped to the person leading the development of that chain, and the second token, “Gazlittatoo the Wanderer” is reserved for Matto…the tokens were named by his niece and nephew!

Slash the Lightbringer

Contract Deployments

More chains and layers will be added over time, as long as the art can be stored/generated entirely onchain. Please be aware that copycats might create unauthorized collections by RCS-ing the art or by illegally copying the smart contract code.

Only trust contracts listed on the project site and in the Mythic tokens’ descriptions themselves (updatable by the smart-contracts!).

Ethereum – WIP!
  • Mint Price: ?
  • Mainnet deployment is $$$
  • Other contracts need to mint!
Bitcoin – Reasearching!
Solana – Reasearching!
Tezos – Reasearching!

Additional chains and layers will be announced by Matto on Twitter (@MonkMatto).


Interacting with the Smart Contracts

This project involves a dozen (and counting!) smart contracts. For easy (and smart) development, the project is leveraging the chain explorers for minting and for token management. Eventually, the goal is to allow token management through the project site at, but that might take a little while… A detailed description of all relevant contract functions can be found on the mythics site, please review them!

For transparency and safety, the table below shows all official, live Mythics of the Multichain contracts.