Plotting the same digital shape – a square spiral – analog differences in material become the inputs to a generative art system that reimagines uniformity.

(this is a continuing project)

Squiral #0

Inspiration and Creation

Squirals taps into the essence of Wabi-Sabi, embracing the beauty in imperfection through the creation of digitally identical square spirals. With each piece, the varying levels and quality of ink, the distinct paper texture, the pressure of the pen on the paper, and other factors make for unique outcomes, illustrating the charm of flaws and the ephemeral nature of art. This project not only honors the imperfections that define and differentiate but also serves as a contemplative reflection on the transient, often unnoticed beauty in our surroundings, inviting a deeper appreciation for the momentary and the mundane.

These are plotted with pens that have already plotted artwork and might spontaneously run out of ink. Please note that after using all ink from these pen, I refill them whenever possible, limiting my studio’s waste. The first set of Squirals were plotted for Scratch owners. Additional Squirals will be added to the collection over time, always with a corresponding attribute to identify their series.

The Generative Program


There are two phases here: the first being an actual generative program that takes ink-line thickness as a parameter and generates an appropriate Squiral SVG (no entropy incorporated).

The second phase is the physical generation phase, where boundless entropy enters the system based on the physcial qualities of the materials and the environment. 

The SVG-generating code is stored on-chain in the token contract, and can be downloaded or used by anyone to create a Squiral. Only those I plot, sign, photograph, and mint will be a part of the official collection.

Squirals 0-8

The first set of Squirals (0-63) were made while plotting all Scratch tokens for their owners. Squirals were airdropped to Scratch owners, with tokenIds matching (owner of Scratch #20 received Squiral #20).

Note that Scratch tokens were not plotted in order, and the art/attributes of a Squiral does not relate to the art/attributes of the Scratch with matching tokenId (Scratch #1 is copper but Squiral #1 is silver).

Squirals (Series 1: Scratch)

This image is composed of all 64 Squirals tokens, corresponding to Series 1: Scratch, and is printable at 24″ x 24″.