(Project set)


Matto’s Zen-Inspired* Generative Art.

*Zen is part of a rich tapestry of Buddhist and Taoist traditions, and I feel obliged to also list Ch’an, Tantra, and Taoism as other philosophies that are integral to my spiritual practice and that inspire my life and work.

Project 1: Ensō

Learn more about this project at it’s page on this website, or on the project’s dedicated website.

Project 2: Coming Soon

Zenerative Vision

Project 1, Ensō

    • Add JavaScript to known languages! (10/15/20).
    • Launch NFT project and website (3/22/21).
    • Add print-resolution render tool (5/23/21).
    • Announce rewards: ‘Ensō Water Paintings’ (7/21/21).
    • Snapshot owners to airdrop ZNRTV tokens* (8/1/21).
    • Giveaway 10 prints (8/15/21).

Project 2, (revealing soon!)

    • Launch generative NFT project on Artblocks.io.
    • Auction a manual recreation of a minted NFT for charity.
    • Create a meditation center in CryptoVoxels.
    • Snapshot owners to airdrop ZNRTV tokens*.
    • ???

(Additional Projects!)

Freestyle Haiku Poetry Tokens

    • Put all Freestyle Haiku poetry on-chain.
    • Launch NFT project and allow purchase with ZNRTV tokens.
    • Giveaways!

And hopefully…

    • Create a DAO to promote traditional Eastern spirituality (Zen and others) in the crypto space.
    • Create a treasury of NFTs from Zenerative projects and reward donors with ZNRTV tokens.
    • ZNRTV token holders become voters/owners of the DAO.

*The airdropping of ZNRTV tokens requires a lot more legal preparation than expected. For now, I’m snapshotting owners for a future drop.

A lot is planned for this project. For more information, please visit its website, https://zenerative.com/.